Emilia Kirova and Tzigani
Ernest Bango

Ernest Bangó

° Budapest (Hungary)

Ernest Bangó grew up in a musical family, his father Ernő Bangó being one of the most famous cimbalom players of his time. At the age of 5 he started to study the violin and the piano, but when he was 8 he switched over to the cimbalom.
He studied classical music at the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest with Ágnes Szakály and Ferenc Gerencsér. At the same time he got a training in gypsy music from his father, and he also became an excellent guitarist.
In 1990 he started to work with Roby Lakatos. He stayed 17 years, while Lakatos turned into the world’s most famous gypsy violin player. With this band he has been playing worldwide in the biggest concert halls like Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Suntory Hall, and with people like Quincy Jones, Stéphane Grappelli, Vadim Repin, Maxim Vengerov.
At present he plays with Váradi Kami és Zenekara in Budapest (Hungary), and with Gjertrud’s Gypsy Orchestra (Norway).
In 2009 he played the guitar as a guest musician on Tzigani’s first cd “Budapest”. One year later he became a regular member of Tzigani, mainly playing the cimbalom, and sometimes the guitar.