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Pal Szomora

° Budapest (Hungary)

Pal Szomora was born into a family of gipsy musicians that has been passing on the violin tradition from father to son for many generations. As a six year old, he started touring the world with different gipsy bands as a soloist, such as the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra (commonly referred to as "One Hundred Gypsy Musicians"). He’s one of the front men of the Gypsy Philharmonic Orchestra.

In Budapest he studied at the Rajkó Orchestra, a school orchestra which specialized in keeping the culture of the Hungarian gypsy music alive, and at the Ferenc Liszt Conservatory. In 1996 he moved to Belgium, where he continued his violin study, first with Mikhail Bezverkhny, later with Rudolf Werthen at the Royal Music Conservatory of Ghent.

He now plays in many different settings.

Pal Szomora