Emilia Kirova and Tzigani

Tzigani basic quartet

Tzigani is a gipsy band that plays original compositions as well as traditional music from Eastern Europe (Hungary, the Balkans).

Bandleader Pal Szomora’s Hungarian gypsy roots largely determine the sound of Tzigani. Their music is played in the virtuoso manner for which gypsy musicians are famous all over the world.

What makes Tzigani really unique is the sophisticated approach of their music, and their talent to present a perfectly built up show, in which the audience is enchanted from the beginning till the end.

Tzigani playing live in Art Base Brussels

The musicians of Tzigani are:

  • Pal Szomora (Hungary), violin
  • Sven Van De Voorde (Belgium), accordion
  • Ernest Bangó (Hungary), cimbalom+guitar
  • Herman De Rycke (Belgium), double-bass

On festivals an extensive gypsy orchestra may be needed: there are different possibilities to extend the group vocal as well as instrumental.
The band maintains a long-standing cooperation with the Bulgarian gypsy singer and violinist Emilia Kirova. Their first cd "Budapest" was released in 2010 and has been very well received by several reviewers.

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